2024 Hospitality Industry Trend Predictions

The realm of hospitality has proven resilient as the fastest-growing sector in the U.S. economy in 2023. The industry is utilizing trends and technology to increase efficiency and success. In 2023, 49% of consumers planned to travel more, and the resulting food & beverage trends focused on pricing and fulfilling customers’ ever-changing needs and lifestyles.

Essential market research in food & beverage propelled businesses to understand customer trends and patterns, personalized experiences, enhanced offerings, and quality control.

However, this ascent hasn’t been without hurdles. The industry continues to grapple with staffing challenges, prompting hospitality professionals to advocate for improved treatment and higher pay.

The travel boom, coupled with inflation, has contributed to escalated prices, adding another layer of complexity to the industry’s narrative.

While it should be noted that trends are always evolving in hospitality, professionals are still learning to optimize the pivot to more sustainable practices. We’ve collected a few of the top prognostications for 2024…

Condé Nast Traveler predicts that wellness tourism, expected to reach $1.3 trillion by 2025, will continue to grow with diverse offerings catering to various aspects of well-being, emphasizing a shift towards a more holistic approach to health.

Topics include:

+ Biohacking Beach Vacations

+ Sexual Wellness

+ Multi-Generational Wellness

+ Grief-Related Wellness

+ Blue Zones Retreats

+ Sleep Focus

Forbes’ Travel Trends 2024 Report delves into the surging demand for immersive well-being experiences in travel. Health attitudes have shifted, making well-being a priority. The wellness industry is evolving with a focus on holistic and meaningful travel.

Topics include:

+ Ozone Therapy

+ Stem Cell Injections

+ Nature Therapy

+ Transformative Travel Experiences

+ Intentional Living

Pure Wow reports in 2024, travel trends are leaning towards unique experiences that encourage connection and mental health, with guests looking to plan trips that limit device usage to help prioritize rest and recharge. Additionally, “Dupe” destinations are on the rise with travelers opting for lesser-known places with similar appeal and lower costs than more famous destinations.

Topics include:

+ Digital Detox Group

+ Travel Sleep Tourism

+ Set-Jetting inspired by TV shows

+ Concert Tour Tourism

+ Longer Stays

Relayed from the President of Expedia, the 2024 travel trends include some that we’ve seen in the past which are continuing to grow strong in the future

Topics include:

+ Generative AI Tools

+ The “Dupe” Destination Trend

+ Day Tripping

+ TV- and Movie-inspired Vacations

Food & Wine: Over the next year, culinary tourism is projected to exceed $805.9 billion globally. Trends like wellness tourism and creating authentic experiences are gaining popularity:

Topics include:

+ Unpretentious Wine Tastings

+ Immersive Culinary Trips with Chefs

+ Dining with Locals

+ Foodie Field Trips

+ Improved Kids’ Meals

+ Learning about Local Ingredients Through Travel

+ Opulent Dining Experiences

Food Network‘s 2024 trend predictions include remixed French pastries, countertop ovens, upgraded frozen foods, plant-based protein, and food-gaming collaborations.

Topics include:

+ The Return Of White Chocolate

+ Third-culture Cuisine

+ Boba Beyond Drinks

+ Intentional/Sustainable Shopping

+ Sake

+ Green Cookware

+ Vintage-inspired Colorful Glassware

Resy: Despite TikTok’s role, 64% of diners say they prefer recommendations from food critics or industry professionals. Restaurants continue to broaden their offerings beyond food, incorporating merch, wine clubs, and meal kits to create a more extensive community. In 2024, dining is predicted to evolve into the main event.

Topics include:

+ Theatrical Experiences

+ Maximalist Dining

+ Solo Dining

+ Early Dinners

+ TikTok

+ Last-minute Hot Reservations

The New York Times anticipates the 2024 culinary landscape to be a fusion of tradition and innovation, catering to the adventurous and value-conscious diner alike. Expect to see more meal-flavored cocktails, premium water, and a snack takeover.

Topics include:

+ Hi-Lo Luxury Dining

+ Water trends

+ Real Ingredients

+ Nuanced spice combinations

+ Floral Flavors: Peach, Cherry Blossom, and Violet

+ Dish of the Year: Soup


Sprouthouse Predictions in Foodservice Trends for 2024

+ Elevated Stadium Food

+ Widespread Non-Alcoholic Beverage Category

+ Next in Class for Boxed Wine

+ The Future of Tinned and Canned Foods

+ Sotol Becoming More Prevalent on Menus

+ More Plant-Based Options (including Seafood)

+ High-End Food + Drink Served in Low-Pressure Environments

+ A Return to Individual Plates (everything should not be presented as shareable!)

+ Continued “Urban Flight” of Restaurants from City Centers to Suburbs

+ All Kinds of Spritzes

+ Caviar on Anything

+ Chef Dinner Series

+ Fermenting Foods

+ The Year of Gin

+ More Celebrity-backed Restaurants and Products