Where we came from

We started small
and then we grew.
Sound familiar?

Skyline Lodge

Full-service communications agency

Our story began in 2012, when our founder, Melany Robinson, first opened Polished Pig Media in Charleston, South Carolina. Over the past decade, we've changed names and have expanded our team, our geographic footprint, and our offerings to reflect the shifts and growth in the marketplace. Today, we are Sprouthouse, a full-service communications agency of 25+ team members based in eleven markets, servicing clients not only in those cities but also in many others we know and love across the country (and beyond).

Atlanta, GA
Birmingham, AL
Charleston, SC
Louisville, KY
Kansas City, KS
Nashville, TN
New England
New York, NY
Durham, NC
Richmond, VA
Washington, D.C.

Sprouthouse is a partner that can help your business grow.

We pride ourselves on creating successful communication strategies for each client and their unique needs. Our team ranges in experience and works together to help you reach your goals.

The Team