Where we came from

We started small
and then we grew.
Sound familiar?

Jones Valley Teaching Farm

Delaney Oyster House

Delaney Oyster House

Like many of our clients, we began with a passion for one thing: helping our favorite businesses grow and flourish.

Sprouthouse began in 2012 as Polished Pig Media, a localized public relations firm headquartered in Charleston, SC. Over time, we have adapted and expanded both our footprint and our offerings to reflect the shifts in the marketplace. Today, we are a full-service agency of over 20 team members in nine markets, servicing clients not only in those cities, but also in many other communities we know and love. We’ve grown, sure. But like the teams we work with, we’ve remained true to ourselves by staying nimble and connected, offering tailored tactics and strategic services that make the most sense for our clients.

Kansas City
New York City
Washington, D.C

Today we are a place where businesses grow.

Whether it's through media relations or branding and creative services, we're not afraid to get our hands dirty to tell your story and deliver the results you seek.

The Team