The Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Agency

Top five reasons you should be working with an agency for your social media.

What comes to mind when you think about social media? Scroll-stopping photos? That perfect, clever caption? Meaningful analytics? Creating connections? Building a loyal, engaged audience? All of the above?

Regardless of how you answer, it can’t be debated that leveraging social media has become a non-negotiable part of any successful business. Working with a social media agency gives you an opportunity to work with experts to create and execute a social media strategy specifically designed for your company’s needs.

What are the benefits of hiring a social media agency?

  1. We can tell your story. Social media is more than just posting on Instagram. What story are you looking to tell? What are your goals? How can what’s happening daily at your business be translated into social media content? At Sprouthouse, we work closely with our clients to ensure that we have every tool in our arsenal available to create thoughtful content for you and your audience, from day one.
  2. We are part of your team. At Sprouthouse, we see ourselves as an extension of your team and are invested in your success. We come ready to collaborate and to assure you that the trust you’re putting in us won’t be taken for granted.
  3. We understand your brand. Defining—or redefining—your presence on social media is crucial. Our digital team works closely with clients to ensure everything that’s being shared is timely, accurate, on-brand, and, above all else, the highest of quality.
  4. We live by the numbers. Analytics—and translating the data they provide into actionable feedback—are an important part of ensuring you, and your business, thrive on social media. At Sprouthouse, our digital team brings more than 25 years of digital experience to the table, and we’ve never been afraid to dive into a spreadsheet full of numbers. We study what is performing (and what isn’t) and use that data to optimize campaigns and pivot as needed.
  5. Expanding your reach. Your loyal audience is there, and followers are liking and engaging with your content. Now what? Let’s reach some new people! Paid social media efforts have become an essential part of a business’ digital and social strategy. From demographics to geographics, content testing and reporting, the digital team at Sprouthouse can navigate the paid social waters to achieve your desired results.

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See you on social media!