Kiara Carrasquilla

Account Executive

Kiara was born in Fort Lauderdale, FL and grew up north of Pittsburgh, PA. With Peruvian and Panamanian parents, food and travel have had a large influence in her life, making Sprouthouse the perfect place to start her career. She joined the Sprouthouse team in March 2023 after attending the University of Rochester, graduating with a bachelor’s in Political Science and English: Language, Media, and Communications. During undergrad, Kiara played on the women’s volleyball team, participating both on and off the court by managing the team’s social media platforms and helping with fundraising. From here, her interest in social media and PR grew tremendously, leading her to earn a Social Media Marketing Certification from Cornell after graduation. She enjoys working on new restaurant openings along with her team and seeing the direct impact Sprouthouse can have on businesses through pitching and strategy building. During her free time, Kiara enjoys going to the beach, traveling to new cities, cooking for friends and family, and exploring all that Charleston has to offer.